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Server Issues - Feb 28

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  • Server Issues - Feb 28

    I apologize for the server problems the last few days. The issue is taking longer to fix than usual because I am currently out of the country and without reliable wifi, so I've been relying on our server company to fix this for us and response time has not been optimal. What's worse, a change they made in an attempt to fix the original issue then caused an even BIGGER problem which we are now working on cleaning up.

    I don't have an ETA yet on when things will be back to normal, but I am focused on getting this fixed ASAP and apologize again for the downtime.

    If you notice any strange behavior on the site other than just slow load times please let me know via this thread.


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    Thank you for addressing this. I am also out of the country and have noticed huge lags in loading puzzles and my solutions. Although I am an avid solver, I realize that everyone is experiencing the same frustrations so I am just hoping that you get a fix soon. Love your site!


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      Update - While better than the end-of-February problem (I can actually do the Acrostics), lag remains an issue, as of March 1 (3:40 EST)


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        (lag in FORUM posting is extreme and editing a Post isn't possible)


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          Yes, there is (still) something wrong. Problems accessing the site this morning, and I can't enter anything on a puzzle once I get it up on the screen. Also, a spinning circle and a message that it's 'working....' Not sure what it's working at, I'm just typing this message.


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            Acrostic sometimes loads and, if it does, puzzles eventually loads. However, Solved submission freezes; HINT is a coin toss as are Forum, Recent Games & monthly High Scores. If you get to Forum, the "working" box at the top of the screen feels like an oxymoron with the uncertainty of site stability (and half the Forum posting graphics displayed as x-squares )


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              I have the same problem with this site but only on acrostic Puzzles. It might be caused by freezing or lagging I don't know but whatever letter I input, that letter does not appear, instead I get a number of, say, for example, a line of 'p's. For instance if the answer was roadhog, it would appear as ppppppp. I've been having this for months but only on this site and only when doing acrostic. I wouldn't have bothered letting you know because I don't see how you can rectify this (I see the very few posts on here go way back) but I thought I'd give it a go. Obviously this is intermittent but it's happening right now.