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  • Clueless Crosswords Migration

    Hi everyone -

    We've migrated this site over into our main Puzzle Baron platform this week. All user accounts have been brought over and our same user/pass combinations should work as before but if they don't please email me at and I will fix it for you ASAP.

    The new site should work just as the old one did but if you notice anything that isn't working properly please contact me via email and I'll check it right away.

    The one thing that won't be working properly for a short while is avatars - we will be performing one final upgrade later this month and I expect to have avatars reinstalled and working as they have in the past at that point.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience during the transition!

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    I love the new interface. Very user friendly


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      I totally like this game & patchwords ......Have not figured out how to submit the Clueless Crosswords ? Thank you.


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        I keep getting the same Clueless Puzzles to solve....Can u email me?


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          In the Acrostics, there suddenly appears a keyboard at the bottom of the screen which is non-functional and there seems to be no way to get rid of it. Is it just me? What can I do to get rid of it?


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            On clueless crosswords ,about 4 of every 10 puzzles don't give a score when finished. Then I erase a letter ,then put it back and it will flash to "this puzzle has already been solved " .It is doing it more when I get fast times (so it