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There's no cheating going on ---

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  • There's no cheating going on ---

    I don't understand why so many people are thinking that others are cheating because they are getting better scores. I don't know how anyone would cheat - you just have to understand that a lot of us have been doing this for a long time so we are able to get the quotes faster. Instead of thinking that people are cheating, just pay attention to what you are doing and the longer you do it, the better you will be.

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    Some folks say it is possible to cheat. Whether or not that's true, I just saw a word in a puzzle that I didn't do very well, that when I clicked on it to get the meaning the message appeared: "it's not in my lexicon". Then why is it allowed in the game???


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      I wanted to figure out how people might cheat as well. I found out there are websites out there that will solve the 5X5 word puzzles against a dictionary. Type in the letters in your puzzle and Voila you're guaranteed the longest words in the puzzle.