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Can you change your username?

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  • Can you change your username?

    Just wondering if you could change your username? I want to delete the 3’s in my username

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    Unfortunately it is not possible to change your username, but you are always welcome to delete your current account and create a new account under that name. If you would like to do that please let me know.
    If you enjoy our puzzles, please consider upgrading to a premium account to remove all ads and help support us financially. Thanks for your support!


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      Its alright, that would mean all the progress and puzzles i have done deleted, right?

      also i have another two questions:

      so sometimes i see the time something was posted, and it was like a few minutes ago, but it shows that it is 2 or 3 hours ahead of my timezone. Do you set the time to a specific timezone? Or am i just reading the time wrong?

      And can you see and edit the comments you made on puzzles? It’s not a big deal, but i accidentally typed 5! Instead of 51! To record my time in the comments sorry!

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