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Anyone else experiencing serious lag times?

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  • Anyone else experiencing serious lag times?

    I've tried everything (dumped my cache, signed out & back in, etc) but when I click start, there's a few seconds pause then the grid appears, but much more slowly than usual. The same happens when I submit my results - it feels almost like the site is taking a big breath THEN decides to react. Anyone else experiencing this?

    It usually only happens when I'm about to be unable to play or the site goes down, but that's not happening. Also my times are being impacted. I've tried a few times throughout the day and it's not changing.

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    I was more frustrated when it took up to a minute for it to register after I submitted my results. I just thought it was my computer/internet being slow.


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      Well, whatever it was, it seems to be better now, a day later. Sometimes the site just acts weird for me for some completely unknown reason. I agree that it is frustrating to have a minute added to your time from lag, but I don't think it's my computer b/c I use a few different ones from a few different places, and the lag isn't dependent on one of those places/wifi/connections or computers.


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        I have it when I click on the Check For Mistakes button, as well as the Submit. I always think it's going to crash on me.


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          This usually appears a number of games before you loose connection to the site.
          I suppose it is caused by the same fault.
          Both problems (lag times and losing connection) started around november or december 2018.


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            Doesn't make it better, but it is good to know that it's not just one person - that it's a sitewide problem, or at least a multiple-user problem. It always comes back eventually. The thing that threw me this time is precisely that the site didn't go down completely. (I do agree that the two problems seem usually to be connected.) In any event, thanks everyone. Good to know I'm not alone.