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Puzzle Testers Needed: Codebreakers

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  • Puzzle Testers Needed: Codebreakers

    Hi everyone -

    We're working on a new logic puzzle type called "Codebreakers". A series of clues is given concerning a 5-digit code which can only be made up of the digits 1 through 9. Your task is to "crack" the code and come up with the one unique solution.

    I'm including a sample puzzle below. If you're able to solve it and would be interested in testing a series of 50 codebreaker puzzles please email with your solution. Anyone chosen who solves all 50 puzzles (and provides feedback on each re: difficulty) will receive a 3 month premium upgrade free of charge.

    Example puzzle (5 digits, using only 1-9):

    X X X X X

    The secret code number does not include a 3.
    The fifth digit is a prime number.
    The product of the last two digits is 12.
    The secret code number includes at least one 9.
    The first 4 digits add up to 23.
    The last 4 digits add up to 18.
    The first digit is greater than the second.

    Email your solution to:


    UPDATE: We have our needed number of testers now. Thank you for the quick responses!

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    Can you post the answer to this "Codebreaker" puzzle in a separate post? I'm curious.


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      The answer that I came up with is

      7 1 9 6 2


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        That is correct!