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116 seconds for a logic 4x5 logic puzzle?? HOW???

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    Originally posted by evessal View Post

    Don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you. I may sometimes finish the puzzles in less than 1000 seconds, but those are rare (I only do challenging puzzles).
    I don't worry about the times, I derive no enjoyment from how fast I finish the puzzles, but the fact that I can do them without error. Maybe there's some wicked trick that allows the really fast times, or maybe it's some mechanical thing that the puzzle form doesn't catch (does hitting the back button when on the puzzle start the puzzle anew and reset the clock?). Who knows.
    it's nothing like that, they're genuinely just that fast. A lot of it is muscle memory. I have also questioned these times for as long as I've been playing (years, but my times were so slow and I was so bad I never bothered with an account until now lol) but this year I've suddenly had an increase in my times as I remember more rules/inferences and can figure things out much faster/ on auto pilot. It's literally just practice.


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      Originally posted by fiddleback View Post
      I play slowly. I don't mark any square until I know it is correct.

      There are many key situations where I have two or three options. I know it would be much quicker to:
      -guess and mark a square
      -remember that square's position
      -continue solving until I hit a contradiction
      -click undo until the guess is unmarked
      -repeat for another option

      Like a maze where you keep testing dead-ends til you find the right path. I don't find it very satisfying, though.

      Sure, there are situations that may require a series of guesses, and it may grow confusing to keep track of your "undo" state. But I find that in most puzzles I hit one big snarl and once that is solved everything falls into place. Anyway, maybe the resident wizards are masters of the undo button.
      There is literally no situation in which you will have to guess, they can all be deduced with logic. No one who is doing this fast is using the undo button at all I assure you, it's all muscle memory when you remember the rules/inferences. Do you mean You don't even mark squares false? If that's what you're doing then you're playing it wrong lol. That is so much slower when they've given you the grid to literally be your workspace. Or else they would just give you the table to fill out immediately. If you haven't read the tips and tricks you should, they're a game changer.


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        I can solve 3 x 4 Easy logic puzzles in 30 seconds. The difficulty of your puzzle is what makes your case make sense. If it was Challenging, I am just as surprised as you. If it was Easy, 116 seconds is in the fast range. It's pretty normal.


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          Originally posted by ceciyl View Post
          (I have been using as something to fall asleep to )
          I do something kind of similar -- sometimes I'll play the puzzles as a gauge to tell me WHEN my brain is too tired to keep going and I need to sleep. When I'm staring blearily at a smallish Easy/Moderate puzzle with no clue what the next step is, it means it's past Ellie's bedtime XD