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    I was doing this puzzle and i've made a mistake somewhere likely... would that mistake lead to a hint being inaccurate? Looking at this in process puzzle here, it seems to me that even if the square was a star, orthogonal orientation in the identified in shape G is intact (bottom left and far right in a line separated by a square). I know im missing something. what is it?
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    Hi N1ghtChicken -

    The hint is correct but not worded in a very helpful way. If the highlighted box was a star, it would leave only one possible way to put 3 stars in the purple shape (G), and this placement would eliminate ALL squares in that purple shape in row #11. Since there is only one other remaining empty square in row #11 (green), that would mean only two total stars could be placed in row #11, which would be invalid for a 3-star puzzle. (This is why the hint says "validly place", though I agree, it is not giving quite enough information here to explain the logic.) Therefore the highlighted square cannot be a star.
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      Yes of course. Thank you very much.


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        Have another one of these hints that is confusing me and doesn't seem to be accurate. What am i missing?

        Screenshot 2022-12-14 113644.jpg


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          Look at row 10 (5th from bottom). There has to be at least 1 star in Shape E (green). If you place a star in column 4, the hint is true. If you place a star in column 2, the only remaining available square for the 3rd star in Shape E is column 4, making the hint true again.


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            ah yes. dummy i am thanks.