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  • Sudoku Migration

    Hi everyone -

    We've migrated this site over into our main Puzzle Baron platform this week. All user accounts have been brought over and our same user/pass combinations should work as before but if they don't please email me at and I will fix it for you ASAP.

    The new site should work just as the old one did but if you notice anything that isn't working properly please contact me via email and I'll check it right away.

    The one thing that won't be working properly for a short while is avatars - we will be performing one final upgrade later this month and I expect to have avatars reinstalled and working as they have in the past at that point.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience during the transition!

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    since today I noticed that the 'Fix Errors' button in the Sudoku puzzle doesn't function anymore. Would be fine if you could check this.


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      Hmm - just tried it now and it seems to be working here. What device and browser are you using?


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        I am using Windows 10 PC and the game is on <>. It's the same with either Firefox or Internet Explorer. But only in penciling mode - if I using solving mode then it is working. Until yesterday I could fix errors in penciling mode too.


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          Ah, I see it now - I'm adding that to my to-do list now. Thanks!


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            I believe its fixed now - if you still see it happening though please let me know. Thanks!


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              Hi Stephen,

              The site has been working well, but I had an error occur tonight that I have never seen before. I hit the check for errors button, and it literally wiped everything off the screen except for three numbers. It will count for a loss for me, and you know I am a stickler about any losses! Just thought you would want to know.



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                I created this easy puzzle some time ago: