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Bad Questions, Wrong Answers

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  • Bad Questions, Wrong Answers

    Somebody needs to read over these things. Bad questions include misspellings, syntax errors, missing words. But the worst are the wrong answers: "Who died at Chappaquiddick in Ted Kennedy's car?" Yeah, but the answer marked correct is Jacqueline Bouvier. Jackie! If any human being re-read that question/answer they would have caught it.

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    Yeah, I just got one about who Plato studied under. I marked the correct answer, Socrates, but their answer was Epicurus who was born after Plato died!


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      yea ! usually you can see alot of these ! the problem being that the designer of the question tends to be more subjective while they have to try being more objective ! its like saying point to the red wall to a color blind man !
      did you know you can not see some colors ? color vision test will tell you how good u see colors


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        I've just started doing Trivia Puzzles today, having only done about a dozen so far, and I've already reported at least 5 errors. My favorite one so far had to do with which "Space Shuttle" landed on the moon.

        Think I am going to stick to the acrostics.