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Are you avoiding any categories?

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  • Are you avoiding any categories?

    I know my limits. I haven't done a single Sports quiz. Anyone else keeping away from categories they know nothing about?

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    skipping categories

    i am too. sports has never been a great one for me. history aswell.


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      I'm doing surprisingly well in history. What's shocking to me is that I'm bad at Movies and TV. Maybe because I watch more older "classic" stuff than modern.


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        wow me too. classics in tv/film. i am the best at science and health, although health rarely comes up. i dont do literature sports art at all either


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          Avoiding categories

          I'm not from the US so I'm avoiding sports (tried one and got 10 US based questions) and TV which I also wouldn't have a clue on.

          Kind of annoys me to get a US-only TV question in the history category for this reason.


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            I know something about US sports

            and I avoid it too.

            I mean, the last quiz asked for some obscure football player's major in college. Who besides his family would know that?


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              i dont do sports either :-)


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                I'm always having trouble with music. It's my worst category. I have never followed modern music, only the classic rock and roll of the 50s, 60s, 70s. I don't avoid categories but I average about three correct every time I play music trivia. I'm always guessing (badly) in that category. OTOH, I always play the mathematics category when I have the chance. Dating back to the early 60s it came easy to me. Still does. I'm at 93% on mathematics category.


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                  I don't do sports. And although I have a PhD in film studies, the film category seems to revolve around specific recent popular films that to me have nothing to do with the discipline. I'd love it if the film questions were reflective on the study of film itself and its international exemplars.


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                    I'm an avoidant type in general and I try to stay away from sports .... like always
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