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  • New Word Search Puzzle Library

    Hi everyone -

    We have as of today (12/14/2020) completely revamped our Word Search puzzle library. There are now approximately 12,000 brand new puzzles, and all of our old puzzles have been retired. You will notice most of these do not yet have statistics - this will be the case until each puzzle is solved around 5-10 times.

    Within a few months we should have preliminary solve data available for 95% of more of these puzzles.

    Thanks for playing!


    If you enjoy our puzzles, please consider upgrading to a premium account to remove all ads and help support us financially. Thanks for your support!

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    answers to the logic puzzle where Genevieve,Ora,Patty,Tricia,Velma,Willie,andYvette by bread and cheese at certain times from 7:00a.m. to 10:00a.m.


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      Are all the new word search puzzles going to be 14 and 18 words per puzzle variety???


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        Apparently, they are. I find this weird and artificial.


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          I'll feel stupid if the answer is obvious, but how do I introduce a new topic in the forum? I tried "Help" but didn't find anything on that subject.


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            DogMa: If you want to post a new question, at the top of this page is "Latest activity" press that, choose the area of discussion, for example, scroll down to "Wordsearch" then click on new topic/new thread, I can't remember now which one it was. HTH