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  • Originally posted by leabhar View Post

    Funny story: my husband is from South Dakota and shortly after he came here, said (I do not remember exactly what is was about, I think it was cold coffee) “can’t you just nuke it?”. I was stunned and asked “where the heck did you learn THAT word”. Some confusion on both sides followed .
    That's so funny.

    Assume you're either from the Netherlands or speak Dutch.

    We had a German foregeign exchange student. Really handsome kid. Very, very popular with the girls. My wife said something along the lines of "I think it's mushy." His eyes got wide. He paused for a bit, then asked if we knew what "muschi" meant in German.

    Language can be hilarious.

    And problematic.

    Even with two people speaking the same language from the same region in the same household seldom know what the other really means.

    Ask my wife.

    (Would say ask me, but word on the street is that I "don't know what I'm talking about.")


    • Originally posted by DrPlacebo View Post
      I also mentioned in another thread: DOGGO counts, and I love it.
      That's been around forever. I remember it from my childhood, where someone "lying doggo" meant that someone was lying very peacefully, usually with the intention of hiding.


      • Got frustrated. I had found "SUPER" and "ATIONS" in a board but couldn't figure out how to connect them. Finally as a joke I made "SUPERINFEUDATIONS" and was shocked to find out that it is a word. Superinfeudation is "the establishment of a feudal estate from smaller ones held by vassals." Of course! I should have known.


        • EXOPHTHALMOSES - just before time ran out! I still enjoy finding medical terms that aren't piles of common English prefixes and suffixes.


          • FLIMFLAMMERY