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  • Finally...

    after all these years of...

    why can't I find a board with a 37 pt word?

    Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 9.01.43 AM.png

    Unfortuneately, dumped the board after finding it...



    This game...!

    ps: Crazykate, the rarity category readout was one of the things that made me wonder about getting a game with only UR words.
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    • Congrats to both crazykate & Naboka on your personal achievements!


      • I just got a "new record' for the longest word on a board that has been played a dozen times:

        Best word: TERRORISER (14 pts.) (I found another 14 pt. word also)
        Longest word: TERRORISER (10 letters) New record!

        Previous records:

        Best Word: RESTATION (16 pts)
        Longest Word: ITERATION (9 letters)​​


        • Am I getting better at this game? Well, maybe in one way, but I certainly won't set any records for "Total points" or "Total words"! My most recent Best/Longest word is not in, but it is in Wiktionary = "one who is looked at"

          YOUR STATS:
          Best word: LOOKEES (13 pts.) New record!
          Longest word: LOOKEES (7 letters) New record!

          PUZZLE STATS:
          Played: 18 times
          Average Score: 222.9 points
          Average Words: 50.8 words
          High Score: 463 points
          Most Words: 95 words
          Best Word: BROKES (11 pts)
          Longest Word: LOOKER (6 letters)

          Have a great evening/night/day/week, all!


          • Good find! I'd have never even attempted it. I'll put it down to old-age inflexibility.


            • Thank you! I'm not sure why I took the chance. So many times, I try something that seems perfectly legitimate to me, but it doesn't work.