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  • Finally...

    after all these years of...

    why can't I find a board with a 37 pt word?

    Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 9.01.43 AM.png

    Unfortuneately, dumped the board after finding it...



    This game...!

    ps: Crazykate, the rarity category readout was one of the things that made me wonder about getting a game with only UR words.
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    • Congrats to both crazykate & Naboka on your personal achievements!


      • I just got a "new record' for the longest word on a board that has been played a dozen times:

        Best word: TERRORISER (14 pts.) (I found another 14 pt. word also)
        Longest word: TERRORISER (10 letters) New record!

        Previous records:

        Best Word: RESTATION (16 pts)
        Longest Word: ITERATION (9 letters)​​


        • Am I getting better at this game? Well, maybe in one way, but I certainly won't set any records for "Total points" or "Total words"! My most recent Best/Longest word is not in, but it is in Wiktionary = "one who is looked at"

          YOUR STATS:
          Best word: LOOKEES (13 pts.) New record!
          Longest word: LOOKEES (7 letters) New record!

          PUZZLE STATS:
          Played: 18 times
          Average Score: 222.9 points
          Average Words: 50.8 words
          High Score: 463 points
          Most Words: 95 words
          Best Word: BROKES (11 pts)
          Longest Word: LOOKER (6 letters)

          Have a great evening/night/day/week, all!


          • Good find! I'd have never even attempted it. I'll put it down to old-age inflexibility.


            • Thank you! I'm not sure why I took the chance. So many times, I try something that seems perfectly legitimate to me, but it doesn't work.


              • Best word: STRANGULATING (15 pts.)
                Longest word: STRANGULATING (13 letters) New record!

                Played: 12 times

                Best Word: ANGULATING (18 pts)
                Longest Word: ANGULATING (10 letters) ​​


                • That's another good word with a medical definition. I've only heard of it in connection to a hernia. So, I was wondering if there were any other common uses of it.


                  • For me, one of the most satisfying accomplishments is finding a best or longest word on a board that has been played a lot of times. I just finished a board that had 40 plays, and the previous best word was 11 points and the longest word was 6 letters. I found POLICYHOLDER (12 letters/14 points), which felt very rewarding :-D


                    • I truly doubt I will ever find a best or longest word on a board that has been played more than 20 times, let alone 40! But I did just get
                      Best word: TARGETLESS (18 pts.) New record!
                      Longest word: TARGETLESS (10 letters)

                      Best Word: QUARE (12 pts) (which I also got)
                      Longest Word: CARELESSLY (10 letters)

                      bwt1213 I did find strangulating used in a non-medical sense: "weakness of the electricity supply is strangulating development" Oxford Languages. I'm sure we could come up with a few other sentences. For example: Certain groups are strangulating education by insisting on the perpetuation of various untruths.​


                      • One step closer to 900. Totally unexpected as it was the first game of the morning and I wasn't warmed up--and the game stats didn't promise much.

                        Since I used to spend hours going over games played by Megaword, thought seeing the readout might benefit some of you learning new words. It's just easier seeing them in one place rather than sorting through hundreds of words in the results and trying to find what is and isn't valuable.

                        (think I'm going to shuffle zeta, zetas, danio, danios, erk lower in the queue as I missed out on other words worth more points that I saw but didn't have time to type.)


                        a.png b.png c.png d.png
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                        • Finally found my first 25 letter word today, IMMUNOELECTROPHORETICALLY!​


                          • Played: 8 times
                            Best word: PLANKTONS (17 pts.) New record!
                            Longest word: PLANKTONS (9 letters) New record!

                            Previous Best/Longest
                            Best Word: SOAKEN (11 pts)
                            Longest Word: SONNETS (7 letters)


                            • Congratulations to you both! It's great to set new records.


                              • TY! It will probably be a long time before I get a 25 letter word, although I did manage to get a 16-letter in a 4x4.