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    It's been a while since I've been able to get on line. My biggest achievement or accomplishment this month was completely shredding my ground internet connection. It's taken me three weeks to get back on line. I'd like to congratulate everybody who made the podiums in May (especially my big word competitors). Congratulations (one day in advance) for all the winners in the month of June! I will rejoin the competition next month. I have greatly missed this game.

    PS I'd like to thank my nimble fingered beautiful wife for typing this post for me, as both my hands are still impaired.

    [The Seamonster thanks folkslinger for the compliment. We had an interesting time learning about punch downs and how to wire the internet cable recently. That was probably my biggest accomplishment in the last month!]


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      On August 16 I reached 30k 5x5 best/longest word records.

      Last September I set a goal of winning both 4x4 and 5x5 APPW gold trophies for a year, which I accomplished. So now I'm stepping aside for a while to let others take a run at it.

      folkslinger: It seems you're still out of action and probably having a rough go of it. I deal w chronic pain every day and I know it's frustrating not being able to do so many things others can. I don't play here as much as I used to but would really miss it if I was unable to do so. I really hope you can back into it soon!


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        Normally the best I can hope for is to clean up lalatan's table scraps...

        YOUR STATS:Total points: 211
        Total words: 33 (14 common,6 wide,3 rare,10 ultra rare)
        Best word: LARYNGOLOGISTS (26 pts.) New record!
        Longest word: LARYNGOLOGISTS (14 letters) New record!

        Played: 16 times
        Average Score: 195.4 points
        Average Words: 45.3 words
        High Score: 363 points by knishes9
        Most Words: 72 words by knishes9
        Best Word: AGROLOGISTS (20 pts) by lalatan
        Longest Word: AGROLOGISTS (11 letters) by lalatan


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          Ah, but could you have added an oto- prefix to that? Please tell me you looked and it wasn't there!


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            Or worse yet, OTORHINO-


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              I checked for "oto" or any other prefix but they weren't there


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                New bests for most words and most points in one board! Haven't new highs in either of those for more than a year.
                Game Results

                YOUR STATS:Total points: 756 New record!
                Total words: 135 (60 common,30 wide,10 rare,35 ultra rare) New record!
                Best word: STATERS (12 pts.) New record!
                Longest word: SKINNERS (8 letters) New record!

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                  It's a nice feeling to play a game that's been played 44 times with a longest word of 7 letters, and to immediately find a 15 letter word.


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                    Originally posted by kittencaboodle View Post
                    It's a nice feeling to play a game that's been played 44 times with a longest word of 7 letters, and to immediately find a 15 letter word.
                    I know the feeling! Good for you! Those personal achievements always feel best.