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    I've decided that it is better to just let people have their own threads here on this site. I don't think it will be problematic at all and in fact, I think it would be better, as each person's thread can be about just that person's improvements, accomplishments, and achievements.

    The reason why this thread is entitled the burning precipice is because I feel a burning desire to improve myself and my scores and overall performance on this site, and I feel as though I am on the precipice of the beginning of something great in terms of those guidelines. My goal is to do this while still being humble and helpful to everyone else on this site.

    I will post my current goals for the current month here, and will edit them every month with new goals:

    April 19 4x4 goals: Play every board given to me without skipping any. (Accidentally skipped one earlier today), and to find REMILITARIZATION (the elusive 33 pointer)
    April 19 5x5 goals: Keep average score over 500 points, average ppw above 5 and place in the Top 10 for the month.

    Thanks to everyone for reading and happy boggling!
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    Just had the highest amount of UR words compared to C words...didn't take a screenshot, but the amounts were:

    Common: 35
    Ultra Rare: 53

    I don't think I've ever had that big of a gap between the two before. <3

    Another game with a big gap:

    Common 25:
    Ultra Rare: 51

    What is going on??
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      Almost back to where I was before my long hiatus and a new highest score in 4x4!:

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        January 2020 goals:

        Top 3 in 5x5 in total points. I'm going to give up a lot to be able to do this, but I feel as though I can do this without too many issues. I just have to play this game for 5-6 hours a day, no big deal

        In case you are wondering about my December 2019 goals, the fact is that I joined into the competition too late to do anything with December, so just playing 50 games in both 4x4 and 5x5 is my goal for this month with just a few days left to play. Not that hard of a task, but I am definitely going to be able to do so before time runs out.


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          So my current goal of finally getting a trophy looks like it's going to be out of reach this month. I am still going to try, but it is going to take a herculean effort from me to be able to make it into the top three. I would be happy with any of the three trophies, but I would love to get's just that I don't think I can compete with Russ to try to take the #1 spot :P I will try, and it means that I will have to make sacrifices in my current scheduling, but I think I might be able to beat him this month Let's see what happens


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            Bring it


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              Originally posted by RussDNails View Post
              Bring it
              I'm having flashbacks of "Three O'clock High"


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                Didn't get the reference but I looked it up and now I do..............funny I don't recall this movie--it was released the year I graduated high school and was much more in touch with pop culture than I am now!


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                  Ended up losing interest right after I posted that. Unfortunate.


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                    Welcome let's see what you got


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                      Thanks, but I'm probably going to be slightly distracted, and probably not going to go for anything this month because 10 days have already passed.


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                        Yeah, well if nothing else imho you still have the coolest avatar on WordTwist


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                          Thanks much