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    What, in your opinion, is the very best time to play the game? Early in your day, right after eating, late at night -- is there a favorite time for you? Second question: when do you SCORE the best? Is it your very first game of the day and everything after that is downhill, or is it after you've warmed up with a few games, or do you do the best in your last games? Speaking for myself only, I find that I need about a half-dozen games to get my typing speed up, and then I'm at my peak for about a dozen games before I start to decline. I do my best in the afternoons, after I've been up four to six hours. I do the worst when I'm tired or ill. The killer for me is a cold room. If the room temperature is much under 72 F (22 C) my fingers get too stiff and I can't type effectively. If I play for longest/highest scoring word, I do best on the third or fourth board and stay pretty good until my brain fades, after perhaps an hour.

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    I seem to do my best right after I've settled down with my morning coffee, after a game or two to warm my brain up that's when I've gotten my better scores or had the easier time finding long words. I think my worst is if I try a few games right after work, my brain just wants to coast and not have to think anymore!


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      My best seems to be late at night, with peak performance between midnight and 2 am. Worst is in the morning before work, because the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.