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    Originally posted by leabhar View Post

    Is it possible they count the games that are not finished as well?
    I noticed that long ago and can't explain that. Of course some games I didn't finish for different reasons, but I think they count regularly and there were definitely not enough to explain the difference. Strange enough when you look at the scores in my profile, the number of average words is the same (wrong number) compared to the hall of fame, but the average score is 459.3 instead of 355,67. I've no idea why.


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      For over 2 years now I've entered each one of the best/longest word records I set on a spreadsheet to see if my totals match WordTwist's totals (and other analyses). It seems stats which are counted like games played, records, personal bests etc. are correct. Based on that, I suspect that data like games played and total words in the hall of fame are correct. It just doesn't know how to do math for avgs apparently.

      I run into occasional glitches like when I click Drow's username in the best words list, it takes me to my personal scorecard.


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        I don't keep track of past scores like lalatan does, but I agree that something is wrong in lifetime averages. (The current month generally seems fine.) If I try to compute my lifetime average pts/word, I get something lower than my reported average for every month (except the first) since my join date.


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          Lifetime averages are correct on your player profile page ("My Scores" tab) but they are completely messed up on the 5 x 5 and 4 x 4 "Hall of Fame" page..................I think they were correct but then the admin rebooted to a new server and the lifetime averages on the Hall of Fame pages were frozen at that time and no longer update........