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  • Gameover page time out

    I've experienced some timeout errors the past two days when playing 4x4. I'll get
    to the end of the puzzle time and it will post "Time's up" and my current score, then
    as it's loading the gameover.php page one of the ad partners will not respond (forgot
    which) and it will just sit there and churn for 500 seconds, then give me a different
    message. The scores, words, records, etc. don't get counted. The error message says
    I should contact the server administrator.
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    I ran into that while using Firefox after the last update. Have not had it happen again after using Brave browser.


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      Happened 4-5 more times and at least twice on 5x5. I think it happened both before the update (installed
      last night) and after. Lost a few more relatively good games and some that weren't so great. Saw a few "Waiting
      for" and a couple of other ad-based intermediaries, which seems odd because the ads on
      the game page are already loaded, so this should be ads being pre-loaded for the next page?


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        BenHJ, I've received the same error message playing 5x5. I didn't do anything about it the first few times it happened which was a couple of days ago. It happened again today. This time I refreshed the page and I was taken to the results page with all my stats and words displayed a-ok.