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    There's a candidate named Coleman in the upcoming local election whose yard signs have the letter "l" printed in blue while the rest of the name is in red. I keep reading the signs as "Co-lemon" for some reason.


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      We've had an ad on the radio for some time, in children's voices, recommending Michael's it turns out...Saint Michael's Grammar (School)....

      Nueromol (apparently a hybrid painkiller) ads....invariably invoke the response.."'re a moll too ! "


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        Originally posted by bwt1213 View Post
        When I was a kid, there was something called "Tom Swifties"…. .

        And if you want to talk about the kids or the volume of weeds in your yard or the heat and humidity, this is the place. And don't forget the bugs.
        I don't understand your examples, but I LOVE the name of this discussion!

        Originally posted by RussDNails View Post
        I'm sitting here at 4am playing Wordtwist and a centipede the size of a small cat just ran right under my feet. I swear to god my heart stopped for a few seconds, I'm like "what the hell was that"......ran it down and mashed it good........
        Can I just say ewww ... yes, summer (aka known as super warm spring), the time of the year you squish icky bugs with your bare hands (always just after washing them) or in this case feet!

        Originally posted by floppers View Post
        worried that squirrels were eating up all the birdseed so we set up a camera ...
        All animals will eat the birdseed, not just bears, deer love it too.

        Originally posted by hoople365 View Post
        Earlier this month, I spotted this trundling across the carpet., giving me 3 choices:

        1. Move.
        2. Burn the house down.
        3. Capture it or I'd never sleep again.

        Caught it with a sticky trap.
        Eeeek - I have some of those sticky traps ... they're great for crickets! Yet OMG ... that's a wasp on steroids!


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          Hi I am new


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            Originally posted by Destinymene View Post
            Hi I am new
            I hope you enjoy the game and the conversation. Some of the players here are really, really good. Don't let that discourage you.


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              The other day I was looking out of my kitchen window and spotted something new to the neighborhood. The toddler of our new neighbors was riding her little push bike wearing nothing but a motorcycle helmet. I laughed so hard I almost fell down. There's a girl with some fashion sense.


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                it is very important to protect your head. glad that our messaging is getting through!


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                  Played a board and happened to see "representativenesses" and was pleased that I also entered all the smaller parts and related words, finishing just as the time ran out. And reviewed the board afterwards to discover that I'd missed the "un" prefix in plain sight. If you get that board where I have the record for the longest/best word, please don't screw it up as I did.


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                    Originally posted by BoredInTheCar View Post
                    That thing is HUGE. Shudder.

                    Living in a rural area of Hawai'i with three indoor-outdoor cats, I have learned never to stumble off to the bathroom at night without turning on a light to see where I'm putting my bare feet. There might be a "gift" carefully arranged on my bedroom rug that I could step on. It's almost always an expired rat, but occasionally a gecko or a coqui frog. (Fortunately it's virtually never birds, as the cats only hunt at night.)

                    Last night they were playing with an inch-and-half long cockroach. No way was I going to sleep while that thing was scurrying around my bedroom. As soon as the cats had batted it around enough that it had slowed to a crawl, I took it out with lemon cleaner.
                    Ah, the sweet release of a lemon-scented death.


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                      How does the local ads work? Does it collect my location & then send me targeted ads? So how is that created? Does someone somewhere actually direct specific ads toward specific locations? Then those are mixed in with the non-specific location ads?

                      Do people in other countries see the the same thing? Hmm ...


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                        Hi Y'all

                        I wrote a Boggle Practice game for Android (for now). It creates random 4x4 or 5x5 boards using standard boggle dice.
                        - I was learning the Flutter SDK and wrote this app as a fairly complex sample program.

                        The twist to this game is that it gives Hints. You can:
                        - See the next letter in a valid word (green hints) - On by default
                        - See the prefix to the current letters (blue-ish hints)

                        You can always see the solution (available in the immediately after showing you the new board), but using the hints before seeing the full solution will help with your Boggle play.

                        The app doesn't use the internet. No ads. No other users. Free to play. uses a 61K USA spellings word list. I'm open to releasing it using other word lists.

                        I'm working on a paid version that will use the SOWPODS wordlist and allow you to enter custom boards.

                        Here's the link to the Google Play Store:

                        Thanks for trying!



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                          Originally posted by 2cute View Post
                          How does the local ads work? Does it collect my location & then send me targeted ads? So how is that created? Does someone somewhere actually direct specific ads toward specific locations? Then those are mixed in with the non-specific location ads?

                          Do people in other countries see the the same thing? Hmm ...
                          Ummm, yep, other people in other countries DO see the same thing, sometimes. The internet knows your location, through your IP address (weirdly, mine thinks I live suburbs away...) The ads that you get are based on a few things, like what you have been "googling" in looking up in another search engine, and if..for example on facebook or some other platform, they have your birth date (like the real one) and gender, ads are targeted by what the algorithm assumes is your problem. I also only turn the "location" thingy to "ON" on my phone, if I really don't know where I am going.

                          The best way of solving any problems you have (because we all LOVED the cartoon man with the fatty liver...not), is to A. have a google account, and tell google that you don't want to see the ad anymore, and B. let admin (here) know if it is somehow offensive...take care to look up dating sites/porn on an "incognito" tab, and if you don't ever do that, but are getting ads for dating, performance enhancers, etc....the best case scenario is that the algorithm is picking that might be an issue for you...or worst case..someone in your household is looking those things up...(ewww, particularly if you have teenagers, are a sugar daddy/mommy, etc...that leads to some interesting conversations...) Ahhh...I forgot the toe fungus ad, THAT WAS DELIGHTFUL...

                          Anyways...BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU..which matters not, if you've nothing to hide!!

                          And, I nearly forgot, but I think if you get PREMIUM membership, maybe you don't get ads? Admin might be able to confirm?


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                            If my wife is looking up sundresses or shorts or nightgowns (she loves flannel) I will see ads for those things and I know what she's thinking about. Kinda ruins holidays, though, because I know what she's thinking of buying me. But it's helpful, too, because I know what to buy her. Maybe. But I can guarantee that neither of us are on dating sites, porn sites, or fetish sites, which is comforting.


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                              so....none of us are taking the fatty liver, athletes foot, or wrinkle ads to heart? yay! for us. It's relatively very cold here...I'm thinking flannel is comforting.


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                                I use an ad blocker, but occasionally they sneak through, like the fatty liver one. If they're really targeted, I should soon get an ad for something to cure a leaky ad blocker.