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multiple ways to solve a puzzle

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  • multiple ways to solve a puzzle

    There are puzzles that have multiple solutions and it is marking one of them wrong.

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    I haven't seen that at all, and I've done a lot of puzzles of different sizes.

    Did you happen to get a screenshot of the correct answer that was marked incorrect? If so, it would probably help the administrator figure out how a puzzle with multiple solutions was ever allowed.

    Also, if you really want to help, each puzzle has a unique ID. Once you get to the comments on a completed puzzle, if you open up the page source and search for "qid", you'll find the unique identifier for that puzzle. That would probably be the best way to tell the administrator which one had multiple solutions.
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      When playing the "laser grid" puzzles, I often can find a multiple solution, but the system accepts any solution that solves the puzzle. What puzzle type were you playing when this occurred? Most puzzle types can only have 1 solution (like logic puzzles, jigsaws, cryptograms, etc...) but some could potentially have more than one (lasers, campfires, sudoku, etc...)


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