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    I made some comments here a week or so ago about getting an error message sometimes when I play--and the game I've just played won't be recorded on my stats. The problem still persists--at least when I play on Chrome. I don't have Firefox, but I do have the dreaded Internet Explorer. I just logged in on that and played five games and had no problem whatsoever--other than a longer wait period before results come up after the game, but I can live with that.
    I wonder why it doesn't work on Chrome anymore.


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      My best guess at this point is that you have a security setting (cookies might be getting deleted automatically?) or maybe a Chrome plugin/addon that is causing some sort of conflict. The majority of our users are on the Chrome browser and I've seen no other reports of this behavior. Make sure cookies aren't being deleted for * either by Chrome or by your internet security software, and let's see if that helps.


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        Hi Stephen, great job on what must have been a complicated move!

        I've noticed that the forum seems a little erratic at times. A post by Spike1007 in the 'cheaters' thread is listed in the sidebar but seems to have vanished from the actual thread .

        Hamlet, it might be worthwhile to download FF and see how that works. It never hurts to have an extra browser, especially these days with hackers so prevelant. I have four myself (Opera, Chrome, Firefox and that same dreaded IE). I mostly use Firefox and have had no problem at all with the WordTwist switch over.


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          That's because the post was automatically flagged for moderation by the forum software after it was posted (I'm not sure why, I think maybe because it was edited and the new text triggered some kind of anti-spam filter). Now that its approved it should show up for you.


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            Stephen, thanks. After my last edit, I could still see my post but it was highlighted in green. I didn't know what I might have done wrong.