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  • [QUOTE=Naboka;n30073]

    Wow. Big fish. Great story.

    Why DiMaggio? It's been decades since I've read Hemingway.

    Santiago (the main character) loved DiMaggio it was his favorite baseball player AND the son of a fisherman. Santiago would talk to his protegee Manolin about "the great DiMaggio"


    • Originally posted by Naboka View Post

      There certainly are some clever devils lurking here.

      Imagine the clairovoyance needed to predict such an outcome through every deflection of energy and choice through time and space.

      Simply amazing.

      And then, to only pick such a humble word as a message.

      Like finding a note in a bottle, washed to shore, and revealing a koan, which, once understood will bring Satori.

      Who would have anticipated that the simple word "coursed" could change the...



      course of one's life?
      I saved this screenshot of a game I played 2 months ago. My record was 10x the pt value of the previous record, a personal best. Why someone (likely the same user you cited) would play a game for 3 mins and only play 1 word worth 3 pts befuddled me. I did not even consider his choice of "tire" could be a message to humanity. A lack of imagination on my part I admit. Now I'm interested in how you will philosophize this one.
      10X MORE PTS POST.jpg


      • Ah, when that player chose "tire" as their message, they were referring to weltschmerz. The feeling that physical reality can never match the aspirations of the mind. A world weariness.


        We're given tasks which seem endless, that have no meaning. We tire of them. The tasks stultify rather than inspire.

        Gertrude Stein wrote on her paper when studying under William James that she had no interest in taking an exam in philosophy that day. For which James gave her an

        She had tired of the tedium of examination as proof of her knowledge and inclinations. She had taken a philosophical position rather than a test.

        Some days, playing Wordtwist can seem so meaningless. An endless exam. A hamster cage of challenge.

        Literally meaningless, as we play so many words that mean nothing to us.

        The player was merely emphasizing that they controlled the game rather than the game controlling them. By choosing that one word (and no more) they declared their ability to stop when they chose, rather than being a slave to clock or stats.

        They had chosen enlightenment over task.

        For them, the reward no longer came from the game.


        • LOL, that's great stuff, Naboka.